Exercise and routine workout have become the part and parcel of our lives. And when we are running on the treadmill or when at the gym, it is likely that we tune to our favorite music. But we cannot deny the fact of unintentionally ripping out our headphones while in action. If not this, then you must have undoubtedly come across a damaged earpiece soaked in your sweat. This is the high time to overcome these unwelcomed and not-so-cool situations. These specifically designed Bluetooth earbuds are the picture-perfect solution for fitness-oriented use and the markets are jam-packed with them.

This is the high time to overcome these unwelcomed and not-so-cool situations. These specifically designed Bluetooth earbuds are the picture-perfect solution for fitness-oriented use and the markets are jam-packed with them.

These below-mentioned 10 Bluetooth Headphones are best for running & amp use. If you are a workout freak and cannot do it without music then they are the best to come out in 2017.


For excellent sound quality and noise-canceling technology, this Bluetooth headphone is the comfiest device. The ear-fit offered by its wing-shaped ear cushions keep off all the undesirable voices from external surroundings. It is a masterpiece when it comes to the sound eminence.

bluetooth headphones for running


  • The bass response of the equipment makes it a quality headphone for workout routine when noise isolation is not risky.
  • Its wireless connectivity is unwavering and never gets lost.
  • The fuss-free and ultra-sleek wire falling at the nape of the neck never hinders your running.
  • It features an aligned control for handling volume and calls.


  • Even with an expensive price tag, it is still a great buy with its 8-hour battery life and lifetime sweat warranty.
  • It has adept track controls apart from the annoying beeping sound that is not unusual.
  • It provides a lifetime warranty confirming the earpiece to be sweat-resistant.
  • It is truly a must have over-ear pair Bluetooth device considering its state-of-the-art specifications and robust frame.


When running, Audiopure Bluetooth Earbuds are absolutely worth with their lightweight and sweat proof set. Three custom sizes are available for fitting options which confirm that they do not fall even when you are under the vigorous of the workouts. The audio quality is so great and makes it matchless even when you are somewhere with noise and honking all around.


The incorporated features like bi-directional mic and adjustable volume make it the best pick for workout headphones.
This set has an inbuilt 4.1 +EDR technology that makes them outstanding when you slip them on.
– The earbuds come with the unwavering wireless connectivity of up to 10m optimal range.
It provides secure ear-fit with rugged casings.
– The battery is ultra-long and lasts for about 6-8 hours and is opposite for carrying when on long outings.
– The high-reliability of the stereos never loses a connection and provides a deep bass.


  • Battery life of up to 8 hours and sweat-proof casing are the most spectacular features of the device.
  • It has an added advantage of remarkable inbuilt technology that reduces wind noise while you run or drive.
  • It comes with a full-replacement warranty of 6 months and a 30 day money-back guarantee.


The frame of the device is highly portable with advanced speaker and software. The earpiece has a startling acoustic and erudite built-in technology.


  • It plays deep, punchy bass and features sound isolation of highest-quality for rich sound experience.
  • The CVC 6.0 digital noise resistant technology makes it exceptionally audible.
  • Bluetooth V4.1 enables the compatibility of the device to a wide range of 10 meters and does not shake with 4G LTE signals.
  • You can maintain clear communications with its en suite HD microphone and charge it with USB 2.0 charging cable.


  • You are never going to face any problem relevant to sound quality and connectivity with this awesome Bluetooth device.
  • It has a battery backup of 5+ hour and 175 hours of standby time.
  • It never gets sweaty owing to its sweat-resistant technology and endures the even rain.


This is the best in-ear headphone to count on if you are a passionate fitness freak. The most significant feature that makes it stand out in the league of earpieces is its incorporated heart rate monitor.


  • This set has a striking and comfortable design that is good for you when you are biking or even running.
  • It has a 3-click MIC on its tangle-free wire making it a wise choice for the customers.
  • The innovative technology for resistance to sweat and water makes the performance of the device super-flexible.


  • This wireless sports headset is a perfect option for a balanced sound.
  • The only minor problem that was reported to this otherwise exceptional device was its inability to stay in ears during the brisk walk on the treadmill.
  • The set doesn’t stand against the strict measures of a perfect earpiece in the extensive workouts.


This is another great option to consider where you cannot only tune your favorite number but also keep an eye on the fluctuating blood flow. The encompassed heart rate monitor is powerful and accurate in determining the calories you are burning and the distances that you are covering each day.


These app-powered Bluetooth earbuds have stylish speakers and buttons for controlling the technical monitor. You need to set your goal and then you are good to go for cardio related workouts.

  • The music streaming feature of the device together with the balanced sound keeps you turned-on for long durations.
  • The audible system for calls is as good as music and helps maintain seamless communications over the device.


  • With a good call quality, it is certainly excellent in its performance.
  • The battery life offered by this Jabra Sport Pulse is quite less than its other counterparts at only about 4-5 hours.
  • Its sweat-immune and weather-resilient technology makes it the finest pair to own.


The BackBeat earbuds are compact and light-weighted. These wireless headphones are available in three different sizes for a perfect fit.

plantronics backbeat


With its reasonable price and striking specifications, the device stands head and shoulder above others.
– The P2i nano-coat of the product keeps it good against all the sweat when you are in the heat of action.
– The unit goes on working for almost 5 hours and can be easily charged afterward with the Micro USB.


  • It quickly charges and offers an extended playtime of about 10 hours.
  • Some issues relevant to the fitting of the device have been reported in spite of variable options in size.But for the midrange budget, they are above-average, considering their excellent sound quality.


Promoted by NBA-star LeBron James, they are a high performing over-ear pair available in five color options to choose from. The bendable ear hook of the piece keeps it fit around the ear and it does not fall off when you are in-between your workout session.

Bluetooth Headphones for Running


The flexible design and exceptional features of this ear-piece are enough to tell that it is definitely awesome for day-to-day use.

  • The inline remote and microphone of the device helps you make voice calls while you are cycling or running.
  • It features the 4.0 Bluetooth and comes along with a micro USB cable for charging purposes.
  • Charges swiftly and retains the battery life of 6 hours.


The only revealed drawback was its inefficiency to get off automatically after disconnecting from the phone.

  • The good amount of bass in the audible system gives it error-free and loud sound.
    The picture-perfect fit offered by these earbuds ensure that you do not get to hear the noises coming from outside.But if you are a gym person, this is definitely your cup of tea.


You may be dissuaded to find out the silicon headband of this Motorola S11-Flex HD which seems out-of-date in this current lot of sleek-wired Bluetooth devices. But the band is flexible and comfortably holds the earbuds in their place.

FEATURES: The frame of the device is lightweight and durable featuring inline controls.
– Bluetooth connectivity is breathtaking and painless unlike many other expensive devices claiming the fact.
– The battery lasts for more than 6 hours and charges speedily.

– When you are looking for an awe-inspiring sound experience, the five EQ presets of this headset make it happen.
– It has a perfect balance of the low and high frequencies and offers better sound isolation.


If you have a restricted budget and still want the superior quality sound, this wireless headphone is a solid pick. The device comes in five trendy colors and has leather-covered earcups for the smooth and cozy feel.

JBL e40bt

FEATURES: The device has all the innovative inbuilt technology that is perfect for making it a good choice in this midrange.
– It has various buttons for the smooth functioning when you adjust volume and take calls.
– The microphone maintains the clear voice call with its echo-cancellation technology.
– It claims the long battery backup of almost 16 hours and talks time of 24 hours.

PROS AND CONS: The design and feature of the device may not appeal you at first but the reasonable price and above-average sound quality definitely make it a good option.


The exceptional color combination of this Bluetooth device is eye-catching. The built in the device is durable and sweatproof.

FEATURES: In high-end headphones market, this unit is one of the most decent packages.
– It offers an up-front Bluetooth connection for a fairly long range of 30 feet.
– You will not run for recharging it at frequent intervals given its long battery life of about 5 hours.
– The device comes with a handy Micro USB cable for charging.
– The speaker provides great bass and balanced sound.

PROS AND CONS: It efficiently isolates the noise when you are on the phone call and stays gripped to the ear when you run or exercise.
– The mic is incorporated far away from the mouth making the phone call a not-so-good experience.
– The sound system is perfect for the music that effortlessly picks up ambient sounds.

You can pick your personal best headphone and experience the awesomeness of music while shedding the extra kilos. These wireless headphones are sure to make your workout more exciting and amazing than before.