Bluetooth earbuds are sometimes referred to as in-ear headphones as you’ve to fit them in your ear canal for proper anchoring and enhanced audio impact. Today, earbuds operate on Bluetooth- a wireless connection that makes use of UHF radio or broadcast signals to connect separate devices without needing a line of sight. As such, you can listen to music from your earbuds when you’re in one room and the connected device is in a separate room. Checkout out our top picks the best Bluetooth earbuds according to your budget and requirment.

Audio quality isn’t compromised on at all, as long as you’re within the Audio quality isn’t compromised on at all, as long as you’re within the operating range (usually 10 meters).

Recent developments in Bluetooth connection have translated to more secure connections which are even faster.

Why Do You Need the Best Bluetooth Earbuds?

Why go wireless? Let’s admit it. We get fed up with all the motions we’ve to go through just to plug and unplug headphones. We hate the trouble of plugging and unplugging when switching devices located in different rooms. Obviously, you’d wish to do your things instead of fumbling with the jumbled up 2-feet cords.

With the best Bluetooth earbuds, you have the freedom to go wherever you wish. You’re free to move at any speed and intensity without worrying that you could damage your devices or headphones.

Wireless technology has quickly evolved. The audio quality provided by wireless earbuds today is comparable to wired varieties. Today’s Bluetooth ear buds give you a crisp and lifelike listening experience.

What to Look for in Bluetooth Earbuds?

Wireless earbuds are a great solution to many common annoyances that you’d encounter with corded headphones. They come in multiple, different colors to match your device and personality.

They’re wonderful as they’re lightweight and often, sweat-resistant. Getting the best Bluetooth earbuds would be a greatly valuable investment. As such, it’s important that you consider various essential factors, all which define whether a certain model is reliable or not.

1. Audio Performance and Range

The best Bluetooth earbuds would be those that offer fantastic sound quality. The sound should be balanced and suitably detailed. In addition, the bass ought to be powerful, but not overwhelming.

Audio performance goes hand in hand with the transmission range. A certain model is considered reliable if it allows for a long transmission range without compromising on the sound quality.


Ascertain that the Bluetooth earbuds you intend to purchase are water- and sweat-resistant, especially if you’re planning to use them while working out. There are few manufacturers who’ve gone an extra mile to make impact-, dirt-and sand-resistant earbuds. Such can be taken anywhere: the beach, on a hike or kayaking. Simply ensure they’re well-charged before heading out.

3. Size and Fit

No two pairs of ears will be exactly similar. You wouldn’t want to feel uncomfortable or be in pain after wearing earbuds for long durations. Lighter models are often more comfortable to the wearer and less likely to fall out when running or working out. Usually, Bluetooth earbuds come with interchangeable tips, ensuring the most appropriate fit for your ear canal.

Take time and try out different-sized buds to ensure that you get the perfect seal. This will help remove any background noise while still preventing discomfort. Based on personal preferences, you might prefer a certain style of earbuds over another. It’s all a matter of your personal preferences. Decide on the style that suits you best.

4. Help & Support

Manufacturers tend to offer one-year warranties. In the case where the water resistance fails to hold up or you simply need a replacement/servicing, you should reach the manufacturer easily, by telephone or email. Reliable earbuds would be those that come from a manufacturer that offers a decent warranty period, strong support and a downloadable user manual in case your original one gets misplaced.

9 Best Bluetooth Earbuds to Buy in 2017 for All Budgets

The reviews below are a result of intensive research, our personal experience with these devices and consideration of other user reviews. We’ve made use of the above factors to figure out which Bluetooth earbuds are reliable and which ones are not. More importantly, we’ve taken the price factor into serious consideration. Good Bluetooth earbuds should be affordable, and provide great value for our hard-earned money.

1. Bluetooth Earbuds QY8 (AYL V4.1) Wireless Sport Earbuds

Best Bluetooth Earbuds

The QY8 Sports Earbuds offer incredible features such as unparalleled sound quality, easy operation, and a snug fit. They also have an expanded pairing capability which you’d need when streaming music and answering all at the same time.

You’ll find the onboard controls on the right ear bud. All functions are included, including the on/off button, microphone for hands-free calls and volume controls. While the standby time is impressively up to 175 hours, the playback and talk time is 7 hours.

The QY8 Earbuds allow for clearer conversations than when you’ve the device up to your ear. A decent noise isolation feature filters ambient noise, ensuring that you can still hear any cars coming your way. In addition, they’re sweat-proof. You won’t need to worry about the earbuds getting soaked.

These earbuds are continually receiving stellar feedback from most users. The AYL V4.1 makes use of Bluetooth 4.1 and EDR-APTX audio decode technology. They’re simply great on all fronts; excellent bass, mids and highs. You can get revved up by the heavy bass whenever you wish to amp up your workouts and also enjoy soothing sounds when meditating.

Pros of the Product
  • Clear calls
  • Unparalleled sound quality
  • Pairs up to two devices, all at once
  • Noise isolation allows for situational awareness
  • Convenientlysweat-proof
  • Quite affordable
Cons of the Product
  • May fall out if the placement angle isn’t right

2. Jaybird X2

Jaybird X3 bluetooth headphones

Jaybird X2

Jaybird X3 best bluetooth earbuds

The Jaybird Bluebuds X are among the most talked about models out there. For a good reason, it’s no surprise that Jaybird decided to follow up with a successor that keep everything we like about the Bluebuds X whilst improving on aspects that we didn’t like. The X2 and Bluebuds X look a bit similar. However, the X2 has a sleeker, modern appearance. They feature Comply brand memory foam tips which guarantee a much easier and perfect fit.

When it comes to sports Bluetooth earbuds, you’re less probable to go wrong with the Jaybird Bluebuds. You can do fast aerobic exercises, yoga and lift weights while listening to music without any interruptions. The X2 has pretty good sound isolation, ensuring that you can enjoy music on lower, yet healthier volumes. They play well on an average 30-feet range or more if there’s no obstacle in between. Additionally, they offer a solid 8-hour play time which is certainly enough to do your exercises.

The microphone works fine as intended when making calls. Yes, they’re costly than most other models, but what we love most is that they offer unmatched value. What you get right out of the package is actually enough to amaze you. They come with a newly updated carrying case and 6 pairs of ear tips. You’re definitely getting your money’s worth by purchasing the Jaybird X2.

Pros of the Product
  • Inclusive of premium Comply foam tips for comfort and proper fit
  • The dedicated customer service is simply great
  • Jaybird offers a lifetime sweat-proof warranty package
  • You’re assured of proper, stable fit even when moving fast or sweating
  • They’re perfect in terms of sound quality
Cons of the Product
  • The Jaybird Bluebuds X2 is priced a bit higher than most other models

3.TaoTronics TT-BH06 Bluetooth Earbuds

taotronics bluetooth headphones

Set at an irresistible price point, the TaoTronic TT-BH06 offer balanced audio and crisp, clear sounds. Fantastic CD-like sound quality is enhanced by the powerful audio drivers and aptX codec technology. These, among several other features, have earned the TT-BH06 excellent user reviews.

With the incorporation of Bluetooth 4.1 technology, these earbuds allow for easy pairing with devices for up to 33 feet, including tablets and smartphones. This transmission range enables you to work outdoors without any interruptions to the signal. You get to experience 5 hours of non-stop playback and talk time.

The TaoTronics TT-BH06 earbuds are perfect for workouts as they’re specially designed for sports use. They’ll remain intact even during intense workouts, without getting soaked with sweat. TaoTronics uses the CVC Noise Cancellation 6.0-technology, enabling you to hear and speak clearly hands-free.

Pros of the Product
  • Provide CD-like sound quality
  • Fits into your ears right out of the box
  • Allow for a stable transmission for up to 33 feet
  • Offer quality that’s above expectations for such a price point
Cons of the Product
  • You might hear some annoying, thumping sounds when running fast

4. Phiaton BT-220 NC


They’re considered as the best Bluetooth earbuds when it comes to noise canceling technology. They’d be the perfect choice if you’re seeking to enjoy music in extreme peace. They are notably effective as they block up to 95% of background noise.

They appear bigger when compared to other models. Due to their light structure, however, they won’t pull down heavily. The buds won’t fall off easily considering that they allow for a proper fit. By itself, sound isolation is perfectly nice. Turn the ANC on and you’ll get an almost silent background.

The Phiaton BT-220 NC buds make use of Bluetooth 4.0 and have NFC support for even easier connections. In addition, you can connect two different devices at one time. The provided range is the standard 30 feet or more if you’re in an open space. You’ll get up to 16 hours playtime per charge, with ANC and Bluetooth enabled. Get even better battery life if you’ll be using only one mode.

Their sound quality doesn’t disappoint at all. These earbuds feature balanced sound signature with clear highs, detailed mids and punchy bass. They’re the go-to model if you’re looking for well-built wireless earbuds with effective noise canceling.

Pros of the Product
  • Effective noise canceling of up to 95%
  • They boast a comfortable, lightweight design
  • The battery life provided for is amazing
  • Offer balanced sound signature
Cons of the Product
  • The Wind may mess up with their sound quality, especially when ANC is on

5. Power Beats2 Wireless

powerbears 2

The Power Beats2 is hard to beat, especially if you’re an athlete who’s seeking to add power to
your workout playlist. Dual-drivers acoustics are able to stream music through the earbuds for your maximum listening pleasure. The bass is perfect and doesn’t overpower other sounds when streaming hip-hop or rock.

The noise reduction is simply superb. Moreover, these earbuds let the ambient sound come in, guaranteeing situational awareness when running outdoors. The Power Beats2 provide for stable connectivity, for up to 30 feet. You can take calls or listen to music even when your device is in a separate room without any noticeable drop in sound quality.

They allow for continuous playback, for up to 6 hours. With just a 15-minute recharge, you can enjoy an additional hour. They’re designed using a lightweight material, which in turn enhances your comfort without losing the secure fit. The Power Beats2 earbuds have been designed with the athlete in mind. As well, you can make hands-free calls.

Pros of the Product
  • Allow for hassle-free connectivity
  • They’re conveniently water-resistant
  • A no-slip grip cable makes operation an easy affair
  • Feature powerful, enhanced bass
Cons of the Product
  • The back piece might hurt your ear cartilage if you don’t fit the ear buds properly

6. MEE Audio X7 Plus

MEE audio X7 plus Stereo

MEElectronics Audio is well known for manufacturing good sports headphones. The X7-Plus are an upgrade of the older X7 version which had several difficulties. With the X7 Plus, however, things have really improved. These earbuds are featured among the best workouts earbuds we’ve on the market today.

Their build quality is unmatched. With the Liquipel protective layer and strong plastic casing, you can put these buds through lots of sweat without having to worry about moisture damage.

They make use of Bluetooth 4.1 which offers a range of 30 feet and more if there’s no obstacle.

Multipoint technology enables you to connect these buds with 2 devices at the same time. The
microphone is perfect for making calls, as long as background noise isn’t very high. In addition to being intuitive, their in-line remote with buttons is compatible with almost all devices. The battery offers 8 hours of playback and talk time.

The X7 has a slightly bass-emphasized sound signature. For best sound quality, use these buds with Apt-X supported devices. If you’re looking to enjoy great ergonomics with bass-emphasized sound signature, the MEE Audio X7 would be the most appropriate choice.

Pros of the Product
  • They ensure good fit which is suitable for sports
  • X7 are among the most comfortable earbuds on the market
  • Offer good battery life of up to 8 hours
  • Offer heavier bass sound
  • You’re assured of good durability with sweat protection
Cons of the Product
  • Not all users will enjoy the heavy-bass sound

7. Sony SBH80

Sony SBH80 Bluetooth Headset

Although they’re not super-known, these are the best Bluetooth earbuds you can get for general use. They’re simply a combination of all features and enhanced sound quality. They’re worn behind-the-ear way as that’s how they’re designed. They provide a fit that’s stable enough to ensure they don’t fall out. Their super-light structure and soft ear tips make the Sony SBH80 suitably comfortable.

They’re made out of top quality plastics and boast a well thought-out design that doesn’t have any weak points. Their Bluetooth range is the standard 30 feet. However, you can get better ranger where there’s no obstacle.

On medium volume, the battery will last 6 hours per charge. Their ability to connect two different devices at the same time is certainly a nice feature.

You’ll find a microphone and 3-button remote on each side. Sony’s implementation of the Apt-X technology makes the SBH80 to outdo other models in terms of sound quality.

Remember that you’ll need an Apt-X supported music device to use the Sony SBH80. While they’re priced relatively lower, the SBH80 can compare to high-end models in sound quality.

Pros of the Product
  • Great durability
  • They offer lots of features, including the dual microphone & remote, NFC and Apt-X
  • Reliable 8-hour battery life
  • Proper fit and comfort
  • You’re assured of great sound quality
Cons of the Product
  • Some people might not love the behind-the-neck fit

8. Photive PH-BTE70

Photive PH-BTE70

Sound quality often depends on how well you’ve positioned the earbuds in your ears. However, Photive makes having a comfortable, secure fit no problem at all with their PH-BTE70 wireless earbuds. The ear hooks clip nicely around your ears.You won’t need to adjust endlessly for an optimal spot.

You’ll still get superb audio and be as active as you like with the excellent fit. Thanks to the Apt-X technology, the Photive PH-BTE80 buds deliver top notch acoustics which will definitely be great if you prefer deep bass.

The Bluetooth 4.0 technology ensures that you enjoy music without any noticeable drop in sound quality and transmission, for up to 33 feet. They’re compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device.Generally, customer feedback is positive, both in the acoustics and fit the category.

They’re sweat-proof and comfortable for casual wear. They weigh a light 0.81 ounces. On a full charge, expect 6 hours of playback time. The battery takes just 2 hours to recharge fully.

Pros of the Product
  • Provide for a comfortable fit
  • They’re sweat-proof
  • Greatly durable for active wear
  • They ensure seamless pairing of devices
  • They feature easy-to-use onboard buttons
Cons of the Product
  • Some users report that the microphone gets muffled sometimes when calling

9. Sol Republic Shadows

SOL republic 1140-01

Some manufacturers pack many features inside the earbuds themselves, making them a little heavier. This isn’t the case with Sol Republic Shadows as they pack most of the electronics into the band that goes around the neck. The actual earbuds look somehow similar to wired ones.

They allow for an amazingly perfect fit. If you don’t love the larger bodies of most Bluetooth earbuds, the Sol Republic Shadows are certainly for you.

The Sol Republic Shadows boast an 8-hour battery life. Considering their price point, they deliver more than what you’d expect. The sound quality is undoubtedly impressive.

They’re water-resistant and thus suitable for sports. Worth mentioning, Sol Republic offers a free ear-tip replacement for life- something we rarely see.

Pros of the Product
  • Conveniently light to carry around
  • They are quite affordable
  • Offer long 8-hour battery life
  • They are super-durable
  • You get free ear-tip replacement for life upon purchase
Cons of the Product
  • They may slip off if you move too fast or too much

There were headphones first, and they were undeniably good. They sounded good without having to bother people around you. However, they had a tendency to be heavy and clunky. Earbuds followed. They were more portable but offered low-quality sound.

Today, we have Bluetooth earbuds. The best Bluetooth earbuds are certainly good, but there are plenty of bad ones out there. It’s important that you obtain nothing but the best. Whether you’re running outside, cleaning around the house or listening to music at the gym, the above Best Bluetooth earbuds stream the soundtrack without any cord hassles.