Every year comes with its unique things. The year 2017 is not left either. This is the year that you will get the best bass headphones that will replace the old ones that you have been using. In any music piece, the bass is always the most important thing that people love the most. Actually, it is the bass that makes music tasty. It is from the bass that all the musicians are kept in the same pace. It is the bass also that harmonizes the music.

With the 10 Best Bass Headphones in 2017, you will be able to get low tones that capture the mood of the music and your heartbeat as well. There are many options that you can choose from, but as you continue reading this, you will be in a position to settle to the best bass headphone that you will find to be very suitable for you.

Things to consider when buying the best bass headphone

Before you can go for the best bass headphone, you are advised that you put the following factors into consideration:

  • The Bass Boost of the headphone: This is a vital factor that you need to consider. It is because; the bass boost is what will provide additional bass to the music that you are listening to.It is important to note that bass boost does not make up for any bad quality recording. So when you see it fail to do this, then it is not a reason for you to disqualify the product.
  • The size of the headphone: This is a vital factor that you have to consider before buying any headphone. For example, if you are interested in low bass tones, then you will need a headphone with a large speaker area. At times, it is not very easy for the portability of large speakers. This should not be a problem for you because with the new technology in the year 2016, these headphones are made such that they still produce what the big speakers could have produced.
  • The type of music you are going to play: The kind of the music that you want to listen to really helps you in selecting the best bass headphone. For example, music like rap and rock will always heavy bass signatures, but others like classical music will not be having these.

Considering all these factors you will be in a position to choose the 10 Best Bass Headphones in 2016. As you look at the reviews of the headphones, their advantages, and the characteristics
to each of them will also help you in making the right choice.

The Top Ten Best Bass Headphones in 2017

Below are the best ten headphones that you can get in the year 2017. It is from their features that you will get to know why they have been classified to be the top ten best


SONY MDR-XB500 Best Bass Headphones

This is the highest ranked among the top 10 Best Bass Headphones in 2017. This is because of the distinctive signature that it has. This product is designed for those who like their music to drown in the bass. You will be perplexed at how this golden headphone will work for you.

Special features
  • It has extra large bass diaphragm driver units: This makes the product to produce ultra-low frequency sounds. This also allows for deep bass production that makes the music very enjoyable. This characteristic also makes the product have a very high-frequency response.
  • It has a closed dynamic design: This is meant to make you feel a very comfortable while listening to your music. This design makes the product to reduce pressure to your ear giving you the ultimate comfort that you may desire.
  • It is made with a direct vibe structure: This feature is meant for the production of high audio fidelity. This enables the product to produce a powerful and extended bass sound enabled by the sealed acoustic designed of the product.
  • It has a king-sized ear cushion: This makes the earphone produce an exceptional sound. This enhances the comfort of the product and the acoustic performance of the device.
  • It has a flat Cord which is Y-Type: This helps in minimizing tangles while you are on the move. The cord also includes L-shaped and gold-plated stereo mini plug. This makes the device be very durable.
Pros of the Product
  • It can bring low tones because of its highs and mids which are dramatically designed.
  • The product is flexible and easily portable. This allows you to move and travel with it whenever you want to go.
  • Its earcups are covered in a material which is plush-leather like. This makes it very comfortable in your ears.
Cons of the Product
  • Your ear will have to sweat a little. This is only after using it for a long time.
  • It has unbalanced highs and mids.
  • The sweating of the ear from the use of this product is not an issue. This is because it has nothing to do with your entertainment.
  • The highs and mids are not balanced, but there is no need for them to be balanced. This is when they will provide you with the best sound that is also enjoyable.
  • This product costs from as low as $298.89, and the shipping is also free.

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Best Bass Headphones

This headphone best fits those who are interested in heavier bass tones. The product is from
Sennheiser’s abstract soundscape.

Special features
  • It has a sturdy plastic headband: This feature makes the headphone fit well in your head making it very comfortable in its place. The headphone needs to be very steady in your head, and that is the reason this product is made with this characteristic.
  • It has an around-ear padding: The importance of this is to make sure that any ambient sound is kept out.
  • It is designed to fold easily: It is essential to note that the headphones need to be mobile. That is why this product is made with this feature so that it becomes easy to transport.
Pros of the Product
  • This headphone has a smooth sound which is classic for all the musical genres.
  • It has attention to any detailed attention. This enables it to give a full soundscape of classical and electronic music.
Cons of the Product
  • It has some imperfections inherent to low-quality mp3 files. Just as we saw in the factors to consider, you will find that this one advantage is everywhere for all the best bass headphones in 2016.
  • This product will actually give you the best extra bass that you may be craving for. This product actually has met the customers’ preferences and you may be come the odd one out to be left in this.
  • This headphone costs from as low as $114.9 and the shipping are absolutely free.



This is another headphone which is very stylish due to its club-like sound. This device is best suited for dance-music enthusiasts and rap.

Special features
  • It has 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers: This makes the item to produce deep vibrant bass. This feature also enables the headphone to produce a high-end clarity and an organic mid-range.
  • It has memory foam ear cushions: This characteristic enables the product to enable low bass response and also to reduce any ambient noise.
  • It has a hard exoskeleton carry case: This feature makes the device to be very protected hence you will not have any fear with the item.
Pros of the Product
  • It is lightweight which makes it very comfortable to use. This is because you can listen to your music for several hours while you are still very comfortable.
  • It has a steel frame which makes very durable.
  • It has a flexible memory headband. This makes the product to be very convenient to use.
  • The headphone is designed with very colorful metallic plates which are attached to the outside. This makes the device to give you a real feel of the LP.
Cons of the Product
  • The bass is not very clear as other models. The con here has no effect on the entertainment value of the product. Many customers have found that this is the best choice that they can make.
  • The product costs from as low as $113.98 and the shipping are also free.



This is also another headphone which is among the top ten best in 2016. What makes this product find its way here is because of how it is easy to transport.

Special features
  • It has Cliq-Fold Metal hinges: This characteristic is meant to enable easy transportation of the product.
  • It has a steel-reinforced headband: This makes the device to withstand any heavy use.
  • It has dual inputs: This makes the device to have the capability of mixing two sources at the same time.
  • It uses a SharePlay Audio cable: This enables you to share your music on a ride.
Pros of the Product
  • It has replaceable components. This makes it very flexible for use.
  • The device has the capability of combining good bass headphones with clear sound. This makes it the one of the best choice that you can make.
  • It is able to suit those who want to hear the bass thumb but still want to enjoy the aspects of the music.
Cons of the Product
  • It may not fit audiophiles interested in critical listening. The con here is not really a problem since the device is capable of giving a full range of notes in electronic and classical music.



This fits you very well if you are a fan of the best earbuds for bass. By physical appearance, you may think that they are large and uncomfortable to use. Just give it a try and you will be amazed at his your judgments have been wrong.

Special features
  • It has well fitting earbuds: These ear canals fit at an angle to your ear since they pork straight to your ear canals.
  • It has thick serrated cords: This in alleviating any tangle that may exist.
  • It has an angled duct: This helps in producing clear High-range sound.
Pros of the Product
  • They have a shape and angled tip that will allow for the production of accentuating bass tones canceling any ambient sound.
  • It gives out music sounds which look as if they are coming direct from your brain. This makes the music very realistic.
  • It has the capability to play multiple genres.
  • It is no doubt that this is the best bass headphone that you can get in 2016. This is because it is very easy to use and it is tangle free.
  • The price of the device has dropped and it is now at $82.99 with free shipping.


They are very good over the head headphones. They get their name from the wooden backs which adorn the ear pieces.

Special features
  • It has a Sapele and a walnut: This gives the headphone a very splendid look.
  • It has softly padded earpieces: This makes the product very comfortable and roomy when using.
  • It has a leather head-strap: This makes the device very pliable.
Pros of the Product
  • It has a tight and defined a bass type which is not boomy. This makes the music very enjoyable.
  • It produces very rich and full tones. This makes the user have a very good representation.
  • Produces clean and warm spoken word media. It saves the user from any nasty surprize that may manifest during the use. This is enabled by a separate jack lead which it comes with and is placed at the bottom of the earpiece.
Cons of the Product
  • There is usually a slight tension on the head of the wearer. This one still does no effect on the comfort of the user.
  • The device costs only around 75 pounds.
  • The remaining four among the list include the following:


It is very important that you consider the above factors very keenly before you can buy the best bass headphone. These choices will surely not fail you. All you need to do is to check your pocket and purchase one of your choices.